Who we are

Our constitution

We aim to support work on projects whose objective is to relieve poverty among subsistence farmers in the humid tropics, and protect or improve the environment in rainforest or former rainforest areas. In particular, we aim to do that by promoting the Inga alley cropping technique.

We aim to support other charities and NGOs who either are local in South or Central America, or who support the work of local people.

We are based in Britain.  We are a Scottish registered charity, no. SC039007, and our registered postal address is

The Rainforest Saver Foundation

33 Pentland View
EH10 6PY
United Kingdom




Telephone: +44 (0)131-477-6970

The Trustees

Charles Barber, Chairman

Charles Barber

Rainforest Saver has a special appeal to Charles as he has an interest in organic agriculture, a love of the natural world and a desire to help in the campaign to save the rainforest. He believes that the people that live in and around the rainforests must achieve a sustainable livelihood if there is to be a chance of preserving them. Outside the chartiy Charles runs his own garden design, planting and maintenance business and has a broad interest in sustainable development and the environment.



Dr. (Mrs.) Tiiu-Imbi Miller, Secretary

Tiiu-Imbi Miller

Tiiu has a keen interest in environmental issues and has previously been instrumental in running a children's club in aid of saving rainforests. Tiiu has a passion for science and she applies that background to understanding the scientific issues relevant to rainforests and alley cropping. Outside thhe charity she is now retired, owning and running a small craft business.

Antony Melville MSc, Committee member

Antony Melville

Antony Melville is a linguist by background but also a keen botanist and naturalist. He spent 25 years travelling the world selling books and translation rights for publishers, latterly as International Sales Director at Dorling Kindersley; thus learning enough Spanish to aid in communication talking to farmers about their use of Inga alley cropping in Honduras. He has recently completed an MSc in Environmental Technology at Imperial College.



Dr. Patrick Miller, Treasurer

Patrick Miller

Patrick has supported many environmental and human rights charities. He is a retired academic who has a degree in chemistry and psycohology. He has an interest in statistics and this was deemed to fit him for the post of treasurer of Rainforest Saver. Outside the chartiy his chief hobbies are gardening and chess.


Paul had his environmentalist epiphany when, as a teenager in the '60s, he spent some time burning a diseased elm and realised how fast the world was consuming oxygen and wood and how it could keep up absorbing the carbon dioxide it created.  Environmental news generally depressed him until he heard about Inga cropping and felt that this was the best solution for providing food for the jungle slashers rather than just depriving them of their liveliihood.  Paul has a degree in Aeronautical Engineering and an MBA (both from Imperial College), worked latterly in Information technology but has been retired (very early) for many a year