No. 30 Rainforest Saver Christmas Appeal 2011
By Tiiu Miller | Ultimas Noticias No. 30 December 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! 

If you have recently donated, thank you very much. But you may still find this letter interesting just to see what your money might buy.

We are all only too aware of current financial problems here. Nonetheless spare a thought for the people Rainforest Saver is helping.  However deep a recession might hit us (though we hope to escape the worst) not a one of us anticipates having to use a deep hole in the ground with a couple of wooden planks over it for a toilet, nor get our drinking water from a puddle like the one below.

Water supply, Cameroon village. Photo by Tiiu Miller 2011.

They say that the bamboo you see in the top right hand corner helps to filter and clean the water.
Moreover to maintain this magnificent lifestyle they have to keep burning the rainforest. They know they themselves need the forest, as you saw in the previous newsletter.
But how else can they keep from starving?
You know the answer of course: by adopting the Inga system.  To get them started does not cost much. But it is not free either. So please donate whatever you can afford at <>  

So please donate whatever you can afford at
                                                      THANK YOU

That’s Gaston’s car happily driving along on Inga business. Photo by Bityo Delor 2011.

Nonetheless, slowly but steadily Gaston is supplying farmers with the Inga seedlings he has carefully nurtured. But the demand is great, and will be very hard to meet.  We really do need every scrap of support you can give, and, be it much or little, all will be used quickly, carefully and to very good effect.
So please donate whatever you can afford at
                                                      THANK YOU
Best regards,


Tiiu-Imbi Miller, Mrs. PhD
The Rainforest Saver Foundation
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