No. 68 Would you have been brave/loony enough to do the Loony Dook?
By Tiiu Miller | Ultimas Noticias No. 68 January-February 2016

Lots has been happening in these two months. We’ve been just too busy to do your newsletter, and also waiting for the reports and photos, which are just coming in.

Warren Darrell visited our projects in Honduras again, Antony Melville is just back from helping to set up a new project in Ecuador, and Gaston Bityo is just back in Yaoundé from giving a four day training at Kumba in Cameroon, some 150 miles away ‘as the crow flies’ – so a lot more, and harder, on Cameroon roads. We will tell you about all these in future newsletters.

Meanwhile our heroic Sharon has been fund raising for us again, by being sponsored - collecting money  - for doing the Loony Dook, aided and abetted by the equally heroic Tony.  If you would like to sponsor her too, you can make a donation with any credit card on our website

According to the dictionary Dook is a Scottish word for, ‘an instance of dipping, plunging, or bathing’, but in this case the dipping, plunging, or bathing is done into the icy cold waters off the coast of Scotland on New Year’s Day.  Our many readers from warmer lands can hardly imagine how cold our water here is in winter. That’s why it is called ‘Loony’ , which means crazy, insane, lunatic.

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Sharon is all set to go, supported by her symbolic Zimmer frame, a gift from her sons. Tony needs no such support. And the photographer (oh yes, our Sharon gets into the papers every time) is all wrapped up warm. He’s no loony.

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Can you believe it, they are actually smiling.

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Come now, you’re too cold to know it, but it’s time to GET OUT

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Whoppeeeee! We’re the greatest. And I don’t need no Zimmer frame, not till I’m 150.

Thanks a million, Tony and Sharon. I couldn’t do it, not for a million pounds.

Happy very late New Year to you all, though it’s just after the Chinese New Year, so maybe not so late for everyone.


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