No. 70A We have achieved much, but now need your help.
By Tiiu Miller | Ultimas Noticias No. 70A April 2016

The good news: many of you have given us great donations over the past year. Thank you ever so much.

The bad news: We have spent them.

Second bit of really great news: Thanks to your support we have made great progress. We have also had grants, but without the extra that you gave we would not have been able to make the very best use of these either.

So please, can you make a donation, or do some fund raising for us so that the good work can continue effectively?

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Charles Barber (our chairman) and Paul Messing (trustee) manning the Rainforest Saver stall at last year’s Permaculture fair in London.

When we applied for grants last July we expected to have 5 people to train at each of 3 locations in Cameroon. But at Kumba we ended up with 10! This enthusiasm is very encouraging, and enables us to make far better progress in disseminating sustainable farming in Cameroon than we could have hoped for. But it does cost more, though not nearly as much as double. Your donations enabled us to include all of them, and the results so far look very promising.

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At the end of the training the trainees were given certificates. Gaston Bityo in the centre.

We are getting very positive feedback from the people trained at the Kumba training. Here’s a quote from Mr. Tabangmua Danisius, one of the trainees, and an NGO leader in his region:

‘In fact the training was wonderful and we really enjoyed it.I want to sincerely thank you for your efforet to raised rge funds for the training because i know is not easy mostly during this period that the world is facing a lot of challenges.I can assure you that the money will be put in proper use and to see that this project is a sucess in Cameroon and mostly the south west region.’

He has already started reporting on the work he is now doing for the Inga project.

You can read more about the Kumba training at

We have ring fenced grant money to do a proper follow up of them later, and some more grant money for the other two trainings, but not enough. These are planned to take place in Yaoundé (the central capital city), and Akonolinga. See the map.

For the training at Yaoundé we also planned on five participants, but now there are ten to come! And more would come were we able to accommodate them.  Ten will be far more economical in the long term, but we need some extra money to be able to do that.


Can you please help?

You can donate on our website via PayPal using any major credit card, or send a cheque made out to the Rainforest Saver Foundation to

The Rainforest Saver Foundation

33 Pentland View


EH10 6PY


There are other items for which we need money. Grants are very specific, and do not cover all essentials when these are not part of the specific projects. That includes Gaston Bityo’s small allowance all year round so that he can work full time on the Inga projects. This is essential, and currently not covered beyond the end of June. There is some work in Honduras that we have not covered either, though we are very happy to report that a supporter is setting up a USA tax effective donation facility primarily to help with fund raising in the USA for the Honduran projects. That should help a lot in the future, but not immediately, and if the projects are held up now the consequences could be bad.

So please, can you make a donation? Or do some fund raising for us?We really do need your help, and will be grateful for whatever you can provide.

With many thanks for all your past support, and thank you for reading this.

Tiiu-Imbi Miller


Rainforest Saver

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