No. 75 Support Rainforest Saver on Giving Tuesday
By Tiiu Miller | Ultimas Noticias No. 75 November 2016

That's to-day! As an antidote to Black Friday.  If you are giving, then please include Rainforest Saver.  


Can you can buy our raffle tickets, make a donation or do some fundraising for us?


If you live near Edinburgh:

Our Abi has organized a ceilidh for Saturday 10th December at Tollcross Community Centre, see

She has been collecting at the door of a student event, and organized another event at the Forest Café in Edinburgh, Tollcross for the afternoon of Sunday 11th December. Email me for details if you are interested.


Getting permission to stand inside the door of any suitable event, such as anything to do with Cameroon, Ecuador or Honduras, or indeed the wider regions of S. or Central America, or Africa, with a collecting bucket is a very easy way to fund raise, and can be very profitable.


Meanwhile Gaston Bityo is travelling to the hard to reach North West of South Cameroon – from Kumba to Mundemba, Fabe, Meangwe , and now also Nguti


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He is checking the progress of all the people he trained at Kumba in February, visiting some of the farmers they have trained in turn, and gave he gave another training at Fabe. The training at Fabe went well. Linus Arong, who will supervise a lot of the work in that region writes


' Our training was very good, … every body was active and so many  questions was ask to Mr Gaston and we had our reply positively…all the communities have decided to start working immediately'


But the roads from Kumba on are just terrible, and Gaston and Denis (assistant and co-driver) had a nasty accident on the way, because of the condition of the roads. Fortunately neither of them was injured, apart from having a bad shock, but the truck was damaged, and so was Gaston's camera, which we will have to replace. I take my hat off to these two for their hard work and what they are willing to put up with in order to bring the Inga to others in Cameroon. 


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Roads on from Kumba


So let us continue to do our best to raise the money they need to continue the work. 

Many thanks to all who have already contributed. Here's the tracker:

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With best wishes