No.81A We’re Crowd funding!
By Tiiu Miller | Newsletter No. 81A June 2017

 We’re Crowd funding!

Please support our crowd funding!

What’s it in aid of?

To take Inga alley cropping to the Baka (pygmies) of Cameroon.


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Baka children. Photo Martin Cradick


They asked Gaston Bityo, our Cameroon partner, for it.

Are they not hunter-gatherers? Why are they interested in Inga alley cropping?

They have always done some slash and burn farming, but now theyare being pushed out of their traditional forest homes to settle on too little land on roadside villages, where they face extreme poverty, discrimination and exploitation. They need our help.


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This speaks for itself. Photo Martin Cradick

Please support us!

Go to

And make a pledge to support us. Your money will only be taken if we reach our target of £4375 by Monday 31st July, 7 pm sharp.

                          Thank you very much.

This is a very ambitious target for us, but the job cannot be done for less.

We are doing this in association with Global Music Exchange(

Martin Cradick of Global Music Exchange (and Baka Beyond – music) has been visiting the Baka since 1992.  He founded the Baka Gbiné orchestra and has taken them on tour both within the Baka communities and further afield. Besides being intrinsically enjoyable, this helps to uplift the people and give them self respect.

Martin Cradick is at this moment on tour in the USA with the Baka musicians, so too busy just now, but will promote our crowd funding when they return. Also we hope to get some support from a French NGO.

We are offering Baka Beyond CDs and downloads as rewards for your donations (if we meet our target), as well as many other lovely things. Check them out at

and please do make a pledge!  Thank you.

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Some of Baka Beyond CDs


We have so much compared to the Baka. Here is a photo of a Baka lady with the basket she has made.  All they have can be carried in one such basket. (One is available as a reward in the crowd funding.)


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Nyergi makes these baskets. Photo Andi Main.


You can pledge any amount you like, but please do make a pledge, at

Thank you very much.


With my best wishes to all of you,



P.S. If you are not familiar with crowd funding, this is how it works.


Crowdfunding projects are funded by a lot of people giving small  amounts  each,  which  add up to  the larger amount that is  needed.  You can donate anything from £1 up.

Our target is to raise £4375.You pledge to donate.If at the end  of  the fund raising  period all  the  pledges  add up to 

£4375 you pay and we get the money.The fund raising ends at exactly  7 pm on Monday 31st July. If by then we have not got to £4375  the money pledged is not taken.  You pay nothing, and we get nothing.

To  thank  you for donating  we offer rewards, provided we reach £4375. Check out  the many different lovely rewards we offer at


                                 Thank you very much