Fund raising initiatives
By Tiiu Miller | 2005 - 2006

Coffee morning at St. Fillan's Church, Edinburgh

In November St. Fillan’s church, Edinburgh, held their annual autumn coffee morning and fair in aid of Rainforest Saver, this being the church which Tiiu and Patrick Miller (our secretary and treasurer) attend. It is a small church, but nonetheless they raised the magnificent sum of £977 for us, the best they had r done to date, which goes to show just how popular our cause can be. This was of course achieved by the hard work of many people, and our most sincere thanks go to all of them.

A beautiful hand made patchwork cushion was raffled

Patchwork cushion

The patchwork cushion. Photo by Tiiu Miller 2006.

We gave out leaflets, had displays on rainforests in general and our own large poster, copies of which can be loaned from us, and a video display about alley cropping on a computer. CDs of this, usable on both Macs and PCs are also available.

Our display

Rainforest Saver display. Photo by Tiiu Miller 2006.

And of course nothing would have been achieved without the efforts of the ladies on the day

Our sale ladies

Our good ladies of the church without whom we could not have had the sale. Photo Tiiu Miller 2006.

Our sale ladies

The fair trade stall. Photo by Tiiu Miller 2006.

A big thank you to all!

Sponsored walk and display at the Eden Project, Cornwall

This took place on Sunday 27th August 2006.  A group of enthusiastic Rainforest Saver members walked six miles to the Eden Project in the morning and had lunch and a good look around in the afternoon.  Our poster was displayed there  and we chatted to interested people and gave out leaflets.  A good time was had by all and we raised both money and publicity for Rainforest Saver. 

Members of Rainforest Saver

Dasha, Camelia, Antony, Mike, Charles, Jason & Sara. Photo by Tiiu Miller 2006.

Big poster

Patrick beside our poster displayed in the Jungle Season at Eden. Photo by Tiiu Miller 2006.

Thank you to al who took part, and special thanks go to Charles Barber and his daughter Dasha, who organised this event, and raised a good sum in sponsorship, and secondly to Camelia Muldermans, who raised the most sponsorship.

Pub Quiz

Many thanks to Jan Golden for organising a pub quiz. Moreover he is planning another one, and will hopefully manage to get us some pictures then too.

Watching football at Pizza Party

Some 30 people gathered at Daniel Elkan ’s house home-made pizza party in June to watch two football matches Rainforest Saver fund. Each guest coming was asked to bring a cheque for £7 made out to the fund, and a £3 contribution towards the cost of the pizza ingredients. The party was a great success, and people were pleased to donate to such a worthy cause. Over £200 was collected for the fund."
Many thanks to Daniel.

Fund raising party

Pizza Photo by Daniel Elkan 2005.

Repairing Bicycles

This was Paul Messing’s excellent idea to both raise money for us and reduce waste.  Here he is with a load of donated old bikes.  Many thanks Paul, and may the bikes keep rolling in.

Fund raising bicycle repairing

Paul with bikes to repair. Photo by Paul Messing 2006.

Final Note

All the money’s raised will help us to promote Inga alley cropping.  These initiatives are very valuable also to raise public awareness about our work in promoting alley cropping as a tried and tested method of sustainable farming and why we now so badly need sustainable farming to replace slash and burn agriculture.  So thanks to all, keep up the good work, and send us in any more good ideas you may have.