No. 15 Latest news up-date
By Tiiu Miller | Newsletter No. 15 December 2009

Christmas is coming and we wanted to offer you some original Christmas cards to buy on our website.  So far we have only had PayPal for donations, not for the website shop, which we now have. Please do look the shop up on our website  

    Samples of Christmas cards


Now, three bits of good news.

I am delighted to say our fund raising for the immediate needs of Dr. Valle's project has been successful.  More will be needed next year, but for the immediate future he will be able to get on with the work. We expect the next budget from him in the spring or early summer, when he has had time to see how things are progressing.

We have received a budgeted proposal from Gaston Bityo of VSD in Cameroon, and are in process of discussing the project and will be refining it with Mr. Bityo over the next few weeks, after which we will put up more information about it on the website. It looks very promising. He has sent us lovely pictures from Cameroon, from which I will in time produce more cards to offer for  sale.

Cameroon flowers

Cameroon flowers. (Photo copyright © Gaston Bityo 2010)


The third bit of good news is that Rainforest Saver now has a presence on Facebook, thanks to the hard work of Sarah, who has managed to do it in spite of family illness, young children, work commitments and no prior acquaintance with Facebook!  Well done Sarah, thank you very much.  To visit us on Facebook please go to
and if you are a Facebook expert we would appreciate your input and help.  Thank you.

There is however a piece of less happy news.  The main focus of the Inga Foundation  (of Mike Hands) has been to support FUPNAPIB,  (often referred to as Pico B).  But the Inga Foundation has now broken relations with FUPNAPIB, and is no longer supporting them.  We are finding out the situation with a view to helping FUPNAPIB if they can propose good budgeted projects. This is quite recent news, so we don't know the exact position, but it does look likely that they are in serious and urgent need of funds to continue work already started, and will have difficulty continuing with the Inga alley cropping unless we find them money. We do know they had several plans that appeared to be very worth while, and as they are one of the earliest core site where the Inga alley cropping was established it would be a great pity to let that fail.  

So there have been various developments, and the team has been very busy. To have met our first fund raising target is very pleasing, and we thank most sincerely everyone who contributed.  But as you can clearly see much more money will be urgently needed. Instead of an article with this newsletter we urge you to consider how to do more fund raising and visit both our shop and see us on Facebook, and of course please give us any donation you can afford.  Comments, suggestions and any help you can offer will also be much appreciated. Thank you.

If you are not a member of Rainforest Saver, why not join?  You will find an easy to fill in online form at
And if you are a member, try to recruit a friend or two to join too.  We need all the support we can get.  Governments may eventually (at least in theory) be able to control logging and other large scale destruction by legislation and policing and various schemes of compensation, but how can anyone stop starving people from cutting down the rainforest if that is the only way they know how to feed themselves, unless we can provide them with an alternative?

Kind regards,
Tiiu,                 Secretary, The Rainforest Saver Foundation


Fundraising at a fair

Fund raising at St. Fillan's Edinburgh (Photo copyright © Tiiu Miller 2009)