No. 22B The Loony Dook
By Tiiu Miller | Newsletter No. 22b January - February 2011

Our wonderful supporter Sharon Hunter, accompanied by good friend Tony Taylor, did some great fund raising for us.  The Loony Dook is a Scottish traditional dip in the icy cold sea at New Year. I was then told that Sharon went round with her photos and required a donation before she would show them! We are very grateful to Sharon and Tony, and hope more of you find such interesting ways to raise us funds which are so very urgently needed. Nonetheless, much as we appreciate this contribution, we hesitate to encourage anyone from attempting to brave the cold waters of Scotland in the winter.  They are cold enough in summer. You can enjoy the pictures below for free now, though if you would click on the PayPal button at the top of the page and send even a small contribution we would be very grateful.

loony Dook 1

Sharon, do we detect just a wee bit of hesitation in your body language? 

loony Dook 2


 Hesitation?  What hesitation? I am having the time of my life!

loony Dook 3

 Yes Tony, the rescue boat is still there.

loony Dook 4

 Rescue boat? I wasn’t looking at the rescue boat. I was wondering if I could swim out to the far shore. Or would that be a bit far for Sharon?

loony Dook 5

All’s well that ends well.

loony Dook 6

And they got their picture in the paper. Well deserved fame!

Thanks a million, Tony and Sharon.