No. 25 Great progress. Be part of it.
By Tiiu Miller | Newsletter No. 25 June 2011

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  1. Gaston's truck now stands at  £1030. Real progress, we've got the first thousand, and many thanks to all who have contributed. Half way will cover a car. But we need more money urgently.  Donations up to £1000 received by 31st August will be matched pound for pound (or dollar for dollar).

donations truck June

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   2. Dr. Dodson with his team of workers is making great progress on many fronts: setting up hydro- and solar electricity to beat the many power outages in Honduras, planting mangroves and recreating the lagoon, making building blocks for the eco-tourist house, building a large nursery for the Inga, and making fantastic plans with the aid of several professors from CURLA (part of the university of Honduras). Inga planting has to wait until the seeds/seedlings are ready, August to October.

This work is desperately needed, as you can see from the two photos Dr. Dodson sent, taken recently in the mountains behind FunaVid.

Honduras slash and burn
Slash and burn in the mountains behind FunaVid. Photo by Rick Seal 2011.

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    3. There is a new project started in the Cangrejal Valley by Marco Valle, the brother of our partner, Dr. Guillermo Valle, which we are supporting in a small way.

Cangrejal nursery
Inga nursery at Cangrejal. They have palm leaf weave removable side barriers for further protection when the strong winds with rain hit it. Photo by Marco Valle 2011.

    4. Dr. Guillermo Valle's teaching of sustainable farming and Inga has been proceeding to plan and we have just supplied finance for continuation for several more months.

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Tiiu-Imbi Miller, Mrs., Secretary

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