No. 31 Happy New Year, an update and the 2012 Loony Dook
By Tiiu Miller | Newsletter No. 31 January 2012

Happy New Year, an update and the 2012 Loony Dook

Work has progressed in both Cameroon and Honduras. The last couple of newsletters were about Cameroon so we will say more about the Honduran now, and update you on Cameroon (plenty to tell there too) next month.

The internship students that were at FunaVid in the autumn have graduated. Dr. Dodson said they were wonderful students, very intelligent, hard working and polite. They did a great deal of work, including a lot of practical things like helping to plant a great variety of useful trees like mahogany on the FunaVid mountain. CURLA University donated 3,000 trees through a program in which they reforest the local mountains.


The road up the FunaVid mountain, which will become an eco-tourist trail, and a row for planting mahogany trees marked out on the mountain. Photos by Rick Seal 2011.

The first Inga plots at local high schools have been planted by the students.

 Senior high school students planting the school Inga plot.The contraption is called an A-frame. It is used for ensuring that the Inga row follows the Contours of the slope correctly. Photos by Dr. Guillermo Valle 2011.



Students planting out the Inga seedlings. Photo by Dr. Guillermo Valle 2011.


Regrettably the large Inga plantation that is to be planted high up the mountain has been delayed because of the seed disaster at CURLA. But many Inga trees in the six small alleys that Dr. Valle planted along the mountain have now been left to produce seed, so there should be good progress next year.


Money, as always, is in short supply, and our intrepid Sharon, accompanied as before by the equally brave Tony, has once again braved the Scottish climate and done the Loony Dook. For these of you who are from warmer places, as many of you are, we live in Scotland, up North where it is cold, oh so cold, in winter. A ‘dook’ is a ducking, a dipping, swimming. ‘Loony’ means lunatic, crazy mad. And crazy it is. The Loony Dook is a Scottilh New Year custom. As you can see from the photos below there were many participants, but of course only our Sharon, supported by Tony, collected an after the act sponsor money for us. A million thanks to both Sharon and Tony.


There are lots of crazy people in Scotland. Photo by  Cliff Hunter 2012.

You could be forgiven for thinking they enjoyed getting frozen. Photo by Cliff Hunter 2012.


A hot drink. That’s more like it. (Photo copyright  Cliff Hunter 2012.