No. 33 Thank you to all who helped with our latest fund raising.
By Tiiu Miller | Newsletter No. 33 March - May 2012

Many thanks to everyone who sold or bought raffle tickets for the wine tasting, or gave us a donation. Here is some of what we have achieved:

In the last newsletter we showed Mrs. Mendo Antoinette’s well kept Inga alleys, and her receiving a medal for her Inga from the government Deputy for Bengbis. The Deputy has since invited Gaston (head of the Cameroon Inga project) back to Bengbis to give a training session to a group of farmers from there.

Inga class at Bengbis.


We have managed to supply Gaston with a laptop, but not a projector, so Inga images are being shown round on the laptop. Inset: Inga slide show on laptop in their native Bulu.

The first Inga plot, that of Mrs. Mendo Antoinette, has been pruned.

Gaston has made several follow up visits to farmers. As these farmers are expected to demonstrate their plots to their neighbours it is important to keep track of how they are doing and sort out any problems, which Gaston is doing.

Gaston has also been collecting more Inga. At the last count he had 4000 seedlings in his Bizang nursery.  But much more is needed if we are to make a real contribution to alleviating poverty and saving the rainforest. We need a nursery at Ambam as well, and now (see below) there is the opportunity to have one at Buea.

Atanga Wilson Nebafor, a local NGO leader at Buea, has asked us for support and information to start Inga alley cropping. He has a group of about 35 families who are interested. This will take the Inga to another region of Cameroon. Gaston visited Atanga, and ascertained that the Inga growing in a nearby research facility is indeed the right species of Inga, Inga edulis. So Atanga will be able to start an Inga nursery. He wants to recover a 50 hectare plot of degraded grass land to grow crops or reforest it. That will be a tough task as such grasses tend to out compete anything else. But with some help from the farmers the Inga will be able to do it.

50 hectares of grass near Buea to be recovered with the aid of Inga, and family of farmer interested in trying Inga.