No. 34 Read Mrs. Mendo’s story in her own words. The first maize in an Inga alley in Cameroon is growing well
By Tiiu Miller | Newsletter No. 34 June 2012

Mrs. Mendo Antoinette’s excellent Inga plot is the first to have been pruned and sown with maize. Sorry, I don’t have a photo of the maize. She has no camera, and it is a long way for Gaston to travel, but he has had news that it is  growing well.

Mrs.Mendo’s plot just before and during pruning. May 2012 Photo Gaston Bityo 2012.

Here is an account from Mrs. Mendo herself, translated by Gaston.

“I was invited to attend the very first training session on Inga Alley Cropping that Mr. Gaston Delor BITYO has organized in Yaoundé. I was among the first 20 farmers to be trained on Inga Alley Cropping.  That was in 2009.
At that moment I didn’t know what Inga Alley Cropping was all about but I showed my interest in that project, because not only I am interested in everything concerning development but also I am a window farmer with children. I need to be interested in everything that concerns agriculture.
I then cleared a piece of land as Mr. Bityo showed us during the training session few months later, exactly on May 10th, 2010 I received my first Inga seedlings and planted them as they told us at the training.
The first thing that surprised me was that when The Inga seedlings have started to grow every person who was passing by would stop to look at the trees and would ask ‘’What kind of tree is this?’’ and I would answer ‘’it is Inga’’. Nobody knew what Inga is even myself. That was the first time we see the Inga. The only thing I knew was that this tree is very useful it can help us kick off poverty as I was told during the training session.
But today I can say I am the most happy woman in Cameroon,  I am the first woman to be decorated by the Cameroon Government  because of Inga. I am also the first farmer whose Inga plot has been pruned and maize already sown. All that I want to see now is how maize is growing and how the production will be.
I am very optimistic concerning the Inga project in Cameroon, and I am sure that the Inga project will certainly help us to alleviate poverty while preserving our beautiful environment. This is an agriculture technique I promised to adopt and I do think all the farmers around will also adopt this technique because we can see the first results.
The Inga project will not only alleviate poverty and preserve the environment it will also help to solve land problems because one can grow crops at the same place for many years.
We  thank Mr. Bityo who brought the project in Cameroon and especially here at Allen , Bengbis. We really thank the ‘’White Woman and Man’’ who are helping us through this Inga project . we had the honour to welcome them here in our village Allen.
Thank you all for everything you are doing for us.”

Mrs. Mendo’s plot several weeks later being marked out for planting maize. Note the Inga regrowing on the side. And Inga branches make good firewood for cooking. Photo Gaston Bityo 2012.


The medal ceremony. The government deputy is on the left and Mrs. Mendo Antoinette on the right. Photo Gaston Bityo 2012.

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