No. 36 Five practical actions you can take, including something for you to enjoy
By Tiiu-Imbi Miller | Newsletter No. 36 August 2012

1.  Enjoy!

This is a new album being produced by Artists Project Earth (APE). Sounds exciting? APE fund projects like ours, entirely out of the sale of their music. In fact, we currently have a funding application waiting their assessment. They say
    “If your organisation has been in receipt of funding from APE or if you value our work addressing climate change and environmental justice, then please do make a donation to this good cause by pledging for a copy of our new album.”
Check it out at
You can listen to the preview and pledge to get the download for only £8, knowing you will get a varied album where surely you will find favourites, and your money goes to help people like us.

2.Have you ‘liked’ us on Facebook? If not, have a look at our lovely Facebook page, and click Like, as I am sure you will like it – and us. Costs nothing, easy to do. (Please  don’t click if you have done so already, as you would be ‘unliking’ us then!)

Some screen prints from our Facebook page.

3. Have you been away on holiday? How about some carbon offsets? Our work is very varied, ranging from sustainable tropical farming,  aiming to replant forest, to teaching high school students about sustainable land management. It is therefore hard to give precise figures for how much you might donate. But one thing is certain: when you clear forest for farming you release large amounts of carbon, and the Inga alley cropping we promote reduces forest clearance. So we suggest you make any donation you feel you can afford. But if you would like some guidance or to find out more about it see newsletters nos. 17 and 18 under News>Newsletters 2010 on our website.

If you live in the UK

4.  Do you have a spare digital camera? Or a small laptop/notebook, with internet access?   Cameras are essential for providing feedback, and all the lovely photos you enjoy on our website, and our partners don’t have them, or don’t have reliable ones. We could use several in Cameroon, and someone is going there in December and could take things over for us. We may be able to pick it up from you.

Young Inga row at Bizang. Photos are vital to tell us how a project is progressing. They can give information that is not easy to relay in words, and facilitate discussion of best procedures between.

5.  If you live in the UK and shop on the internet, please shop through Easyfundraising and give us the donations. It costs you nothing extra, and some 2000 shops are registered with them. Go to our website and you will find the link on the bottom left of our Home page.
Or go to
Pennies add up. We have so far raised over £45, all from many small donations. Let’s double that! If more of you join in we could quadruple it! Thank you.

How Easyfundraising works.
Go to the Easyfundraining page, as shown above. Then either click on Retailers, and choose where you want to shop, or fill in the Search box. Follow the instructions on the site. Donations can only be given when you find your shop through the Easyfundraising page. If you find your shop,  close the page and then re-open it to make your purchase without again going through Easyfundraising  there will be no donation.