No. 50 Loony Dook – see the photos - and could you turn our last wine tasting voucher into cash for us?
By Tiiu-Imbi Miller | Newsletter No. 50 March 2014

We depend on our small but wonderful band of supporters for money, whether through donations or fund raising efforts. Thank you very much to all of you who have helped. We could not function without you.

Our latest fund raising efforts have been a raffle before Christmas, and the Loony Dook.  The raffle raised £679.60, not at all bad for our small group. Thank you very much to all our raffle sellers, and donors. Patrick, our treasurer, went round the neighbourhood and got £404. People are getting to know him, and he’s even been asked in for a coffee.

If any of you could make use of the last remaining wine tasting voucher that we had as prizes to raise funds for us please drop me a line. It would make a nice prize for a pub quiz for example.

Once more our intrepid Sharon, accompanied again by the gallant Tony, braved the Scottish climate and participated in the Loony Dook. A ‘dook’ is a ducking, a dipping, swimming. ‘Loony’ means lunatic, crazy mad. And crazy it is, for this ‘dook’ is done on the first of January in the sea. It’s a Scottish New Year custom. Scotland in January is bitterly cold, something that these of you who are from warmer countries can hardly imagine. As you can see from the photos below there were many participants, but of course only our Sharon collected sponsor money for us. A million thanks to both Sharon and Tony.

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Tony and Sharon about to go in, and feeling the cold –in fact, turning blue in places, but cheerful nonetheless. Photo Cliff Hunter.

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You can see Sharon and Tony going in. near the middle of the photo. There’s a rescue boat in the background. Photo Cliff Hunter.

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Sharon coming out. She claimed she enjoyed it. Believe that if you will. If you have any ideas of less drastic things she could do please let me know. Photo Cliff Hunter.

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Is that a smile? To say it’s not so cold after all?  Well… Photo Cliff Hunter.

Many thanks to Cliff Hunter for again taking these great photos.

If you live in one of the richer countries of the world please make a donation, or do some fund-raising for us if you can. Our work cannot continue without your support.  We help some of the poorest people to make a better, independent living, while taking pressure off the precious rainforests that we all need.  And if you live in one of these tropical countries and are wondering if we might help you too to take up Inga alley cropping, appreciate that we put a lot of effort into trying to raise the money that could make that possible, even if you think we are crazy!