No. 55B. August 2014. Sarah is swimming again!
By Tiiu-Imbi Miller | Newsletter No. 55B August 2014

Support Swimming Sarah!

I know we have just completed one successful fundraiser, and I want to thank everyone who contributed. We and our partners are truly grateful. But that only covers part of our work. We have no government grant. We are totally dependent on donations and fund raising by our supporters to keep our projects functioning. Indeed, if we had more money, there is a lot of scope for expansion. At the moment we can do little other than send out information for the over 30 enquirers from all round the world. The more funds we get, the more work gets done. So if you weren’t able to donate to the crowd funding please consider if you can support Sarah’s sponsored swim. She’ll be swimming in the Thames as part of the Great London Swim on 30th August. (Isn’t it cold? But not as cold as the Loony Dook (see–-see-photos-and-could-you-turn-our-last-wine-tasting-voucher-cash-us), so I hope Sarah will enjoy it). Thank you very much Sarah.

You can support her at

Thank you!

Sarah’s top supporters: Megan and Toby cheer for Mum.