No 58 A Christmas greetings and appeal
By Tiiu-Imbi Miller | Newsletter No. 58A November 2014 - December 2014

We thank everyone who has supported us this past year, whether by fund raising, a donation, other participation or just reading our newsletter. We wish you all a happy Christmas and New Year.

Christmas is a time for giving.  If you have already sent us a donation, thank you very much. If you haven’t please send us whatever you can afford. We do not have other income apart from the donations of our supporters and fund raising by our members. You can either post a cheque (address at the end) or click on the Donate button on our website ( to pay with your credit card. Thank you very much. 

As a very brief summary, in Cameroon there are now 48 farmers with small Inga plots, and several more wanting to start. Eight schools either have them or are due to join the program. Our successful crowd funding raised the necessary funds to continue work with these schools for several more months.

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Atanga Wilson explaining about Inga alley cropping in the classroom and at the plot where they will plant it. Cameroon.

In Honduras work has continued with the six schools that have established Inga alley plots, and Dr. Valle hopes to establish more Inga plots at several more schools in the coming year. 

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Dr. Valle teaching students and teachers. Honduras.

On the FunaVid mountain in Honduras a lot of work has been done in planning reforestation and planting trees, and recently they were able to obtain many Inga seeds which will get the large Inga demonstration area for high up the mountain properly under way, and the eco-tourist trail has made good progress – more of that in the next newsletter.