No. 92 Happy New Year and our Raffle. Rainforest Saver newsletter no. 92 January 2019
By Patrick Miller | Newsletter No. 92 January 2019

Dear Friends,

A happy New Year to all.

May I recommend to you our marvelous Winter Raffle?  Among the prizes you could win a spa day choice for two with treatments or a day out at the Eden project.  Please do not think that purchase of a £1 raffle ticket would make no difference.  Every penny counts in the struggle to keep the Inga trees being planted, better crops grown and the forests saved. You can buy tickets on line.  It is very easy.   Just go to and follow the instructions.

If you have been sent raffle tickets to sell, do approach your neighbours!  In my experience there is no need to be diffident.   The reception is nearly always positive, but, if there is a refusal, it is virtually never a rude one.  I have been going round our neighbourhood for several years now and am getting to be quite well-known!  Last night nearly all the people I called on were saying things like ‘How are you?  How nice to see you again.  I would like a £5 book please.  Just hang on until I get my purse’.  However, that said, the most important thing is to get the tickets sold (and returns made to Sally Marullo by 18th Jan) even if it is only within your family.

Good luck with it!  Thank you very much indeed for your support of Rainforest Saver!



P.S I f you don’t want to sell or buy tickets would you be able to make a donation instead? Like so many other charities we really do need to raise money at this time of year.


I sent a notice round you all before Christmas telling you about the raffle, and wishing you all a happy Christmas or holiday. Unfortunately many of these emails got stuck in the system and were never delivered to you. As we were away over Christmas I did not get the chance to resend them. I apologize.   Tiiu.



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