No. 92A Thank you, a few days of raffle left, and a bit of update
By Tiiu-Imbi Miller | Newsletter No. 92A January 2019

Thank you to all of you for your support of and interest in Rainforest Saver over the past year.  In particular, thank you to all who have entered our recent raffle. The funds we raise make an important contribution to our work. 

There are still a couple of days left to enter our UK wide raffle on our website. Closes early Thursday 24th.  Check out the lovely prizes and enter on

Thank you!

The local Edinburgh raffle has closed, and the prizes have been drawn.  We had little Ella do the draw at St. Fillan’s church, where we had such good support for the raffle. We raised £616 with this small raffle. Thank you very much to all sellers and buyers.


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The immediate need for the money raised was to support the continuing work of Linus Arong.  Earlier in 2018 he created Inga nurseries and planted out 13,120 Inga seedlings in 6 villages (see newsletter no. 90 at

He has since extended that to 3 more villages, and has given another two the training, but we ran out of money for him to continue to do the nurseries etc. with these.  So all the money raised is much needed and is being used immediately.

Women’s work party filling the polybags with soil for planting the Inga seeds. Nursery framework going up in the background. Photo Linus Arong December 2018.

Linus is working with the women. It is they who grow the food for the family.  Note that they are working with their bare hands.  We are trying to supply them with money to buy the tools they need.  A couple of raffle tickets would pay for a trowel.