No.21 Fund raising! And Happy Christmas!
By Tiiu Miller | Newsletter No. 21 December 2010

Important amendment to last newsletter's Notice: We are postponing the slide show talk  "Saving Rainforests and Coral Reefs by Helping Farmers" by Tiiu Miller to Saturday 11th December, still at 7.30 pm, at St. Fillan's church, Buckstone Terrace, Edinburgh. All welcome. The talk is followed by drinks and nibbles, and all is free, but there will be a voluntary collection in aid of Rainforest Saver.  The reason for the postponement is evident from the picture taken from our front door.


Clearing a path to our front door in Edinburgh,
Scotland, just in case anyone was brave enough to call! Photo by Tiiu Miller 2010.

Our last newsletter gave a brief overview of the hard work our overseas partners are doing and planning to do, if we can find them the money they need. The projects Rainforest Saver is supporting tackle the root causes of poverty, climate change and disasters like floods.  

To make a donation, or to gift an Inga demonstration plot to a school in Honduras click on

We are a small group with a very big mission and everyone's contribution counts.
Any donation, whatever you can afford, is very much appreciated. Would you like to make a regular monthly donation? If so please go to

Or can you do some fund raising for us in the coming months?
Be inspired by the excellent efforts of our members over the past year, and send us more ideas for fund raising.
Here are some of the Fund raising achievements over the past year
Two great sponsored walks, which were described in the last newsletter, but here's a photo in case you missed it.

Charles walk 1

Photo by Charles Barber, 2010.

2. Sale of Christmas cards and craft work and Repair of bicycles. Attending little craft fairs is also an opportunity to get publicity.

sale and bicycle repair
  Photo by Tiiu Miller and Paul Messing.

3. Repair and cleaning of an old and loved teddy bear. Yes, it really is the same bear in these before and after pictures, and unlike human models the photos have not been touched up in any way. Honest!

Photos by Tiiu Miller.

4.Collecting tin in a shop. Do you know of another shop that would be willing to have a collecting tin for us?  We can supply a label to go round a tin or box, and if there is space leaflets and a display notice. We also send feedback information when we get the money.
5. And of course we have had some generous donations.
We are very grateful for all these efforts, and thank everyone concerned most sincerely.
For anyone wanting to do some fundraising we can supply leaflets and posters.


Finally , we wish you all a very happy Christmas and New Year!

The Rainforest Saver Foundation