Stories from 2005
By Tiiu Miller | 2005

Display at Bristol

We had a display stand at the Bristol Organic Food & Wine  festival on the 3rd and 4th September.

Our stand at the Bristal fair  

The whole display. Photo by Tiiu Miller 2005.

The weather was excellent, a great blessing as we were able to set our stand up with plenty of space outside. The festival was well attended. This gave us the opportunity to hand out leaflets and tell  many people about our project.
We wish to thank Charles Redfern of Organico  for giving us this opportunity.


Our  Inaugural Meeting at Kew Gardens, September 2005

On Saturday, September 2, 2005 , twenty-two people  met at Kew Gardens , London for a day of talks and  discussion. We began at around nine in the morning  with coffee and getting to know each other, and then  proceeded to the program as follows
1      A short talk on the Inga tree by Dr. Terry Pennington

 This gave a clear and concise picture of the Inga  and its distribution and how well suited it was for  alley-cropping.

2      Two talks by Mike Hands on the problems of slash-and-burn agriculture, the science behind the Inga alley-cropping  system and how the research was done.

 We were impressed by the meticulous research that  had led to the Inga alley-cropping system. This work is too complex to summarise here, but in time we will give an account of the science in the web section headed ‘The Science Behind It.'

3      A short talk by Tiiu Miller on the way forward.

 This was followed by a lively discussion about how we can all best further the project, with much emphasis on fund raising, for which several worthwhile ideas were presented, and other aspects of the project, like publicity and the printing of leaflets (now done and available for distribution). We would all have gone on talking for many hours more but had to finish at four o'clock because the building was closing and we were threatened with being locked in till Monday morning. We left feeling inspired and eager to carry on the good work.


Support for Fundacion Parque Nacional Pico Bonito from the Vanderbilt Family Foundation

One of our partner NGOs in Honduras (Fundacion Parque Nacional Pico Bonito) has very generously been given $25,000 per annum for three years by the Vanderbilt Family Foundation. This vital supports has enabled the core project of Inga alley-cropping to continue.