Rainforest Raffle 2020-2021



Rainforest Saver - Help farmers tackle climate change




Tickets cost £1 each. Please choose how many you want, then click on the link below to our PayPal account and pay either through PayPal or by using a credit card. In the reference line, please put ‘Rainforest Raffle’. We will then email you your numbers and enter them into the draw.




If you wish to make part of your payment as a donation, please reply to the email and tell us so 


Lucky winners will be announced on Sunday 28th February 2021 at 33 Pentland View, Edinburgh EH10 6PY. Winners will be informed as soon as possible thereafter.


Many thanks for entering prize draw, and good luck!




Patrick Miller

Sally Marullo


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1st Prize £200 cash, kindly donated by a generous donor



2nd prize               Oil seascape, 17 cms square, framed - Sarah Knight, Skylark 2 Gallery, London SE1. Value £40.



3rd prize                Seed necklace made by indigenous people in the Ecuadorian Amazon    



4th prize                Ceramic fruit plate, 27 cms round, by Purple Pots, Clay Habitat, Lower Marsh, London SE. Value £



5th prizes Rainforest Saver shopping bag. Value £7.50


6th, 7th, 8th prizes    Rainforest Saver 2022 calendar featuring the Inga Alley cropping work of Rainforest Sa


Click on the link below to our PayPal account and pay either through PayPal or by using a credit card.




This has been a really difficult year and the Covid crisis has caused many of us to reassess our life’s priorities. One principal issue that looms over our future is climate change which affects every single one of us - in some regions with devastating effect. It is clear we must act now to reverse the trend. What can an individual do to make a difference?


The charity we support, Rainforest Saver, believes small steps can and do make a difference. We seek to preserve tropical rainforests, where typically trees are slashed and burnt to allow farming, soil becomes depleted, the terrain is stripped bare, and farmers move onto fresh land. We want to arrest this process by promoting the planting of Inga tree alleys - between which crops are planted.  These enrich depleted soil and boost food yields and incomes without the need for further slash and burn.


Our Rainforest Saver partners in Cameroon, Ecuador and Honduras are successfully spreading the Inga message to rural villages, and we are conducting soil sample analysis to firmly establish the science. We are a small charity and it all costs money. This year we are running an online Christmas/New Year raffle and we urge you to enter.  There are seven prizes a first prize of £200 kindly donated by a generous donor.


Click on the link below to our PayPal account and pay either through PayPal or by using a credit card.




The small print

This raffle is licensed by the City of Edinburgh Council license number 426893 and is open to all bar Rainforest Saver trustees and their immediate families. It conforms to the Gambling Act 2005. The promoters are Dr Patrick Miller, 33 Pentland View, Edinburgh EH10 6PY and Mrs.Sally Marullo, 19 King Edward Walk London SE1 7PR.